Playing the very best golf video game needs skills and practice. Nevertheless, there is one thing that you must also think about in order to play a stunning golf game. This is to play in an extremely relaxing environment where you can focus on your golf swing with professional-like skills and accuracy.

Besides, if you play in a golf course next to a hectic highway with noisy cars passing by, you will lose concentration and will result in ruining your golf swing. It holds true that there are golf clubs situated all over the world. However, few of these golf clubs have high quality standards to bring the very best out in your game.

One such place that you can definitely focus on playing golf and at the very same time relax is the Fota Island Golf Club. Found in Cork Harbour, which is just a couple of minutes drive from Cork City, Fota Island is a world prominent golf club that provides the among the best golf courses in Europe. A golf trip here would truly be rewarding.

To Start With, Fota Island Golf Club is a very traditional golf course. It is a sibling property of Mount Juliet and both is known to preserve the highest standards in golfing to guarantee playing golf pleasure the entire year.

Fota Island Golf Club lies in the heart of a 780 acre estate incorporated with great quality forests and landscape that will definitely make every golf enthusiast wish to play each and every single day. This golf course is consisted of a tough par 71 champion course in the conventional mode. It has pot bunkers and swelling putting surface areas to satisfy the challenge of every golf player around the world.

Golf was first played in Fota Island in 1886. And, throughout those times, it was constantly developed and turned into one of the premier places in golfing. In 1993, Fota Island Golf Club was additional established by Christy O’Connor Jr. (Irish Ryder Cup), and Peter McEvoy (two-time English Amateur Champion).

Fota Island is considered as basically a resort course and hosts a number of tournaments that includes the Irish Club Expert Championship. Fota Island was then bought by the Killeen Group (owners of Mt. Juliet Resort in Kilkenny). Given that then, developments have begun to take location and the course has actually been upgraded to European Tour requirements.

In November 2004, Fota Island Golf Club was acquired by the Fleming Group. The Fleming Group likewise improved the course by renovating a few of the holes and also preserved the greens and reseeded the trees surrounding the golf course. Today, the Fleming Group has currently bought the building of hotel and residential developments in Fota Island to match the golf course.

With a stunning course plan, Fota Island Golf Club absolutely measures up to its name as one of the very best golf locations on the planet.

The Fota Island Clubhouse has all the facilities that you can ever request for. Inside, you will discover that the clubhouse is more like a superior hotel rather of a standard golf clubhouse. On the first floor, you will see a casual bar and the reception area. Upstairs you will see a totally seated restaurant that serves only the highest quality meals with the highest and freshest quality Irish produce.

Other features you will find in Fota Island Golf Club will include locker rooms, and a completely stocked professional store with items in the greatest professional requirements.

Fota Island Golf Club is certainly the location to be if you are looking for the best quality golfing experience. So, if you intend on going on a golfing trip, you need to think about going to Fota Island Golf Club.

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